We are convinced that:

  • Each individual has intrinsic worth.
  • Class size should be low i.e average of: 16 Nursery pupils / twenty
    Primary pupils / twenty-five Secondary students per class
  • Each person is responsible for his or her choice and actions.
  • All people have a responsibility to contribute positively to the society.
  • Embracing diversity strengthens communities. Shared values are essential for the well being of our community. 
  • Quality education expands opportunities for the individual and contributes to the development of our world. 
  • Family is the primary influence on a child’s development. 
  • Education is a collaborative effort between family and school and enriched by the community.
  • Learning is an essential, life-long endeavor. Knowledge has a shelf life while skills are forever. 
  • Achievement builds self-esteem, which leads to further achievement. 
  • Excellence is worth pursuing. 
  • Any teaching or administrative arrangements made that fall below the standards and care we would expect for our own children are not good enough for other people’s children.