General Info

The school was founded on September 9, 1974 as an institution for Nursery/Primary Education, a preparatory for secondary school education, through which effective moral upbringing required to make one fits into this modern age of sophisticated living is inculcated. Approval to open the school was given by the Lagos State Ministry of Education in September 1974.

Our history shows a catalogue of achievements, which truly justifies the aims and aspirations of the founders. Our first set of pupils gained admission into form one in 1975 and many of them graduated from various universities in 1983, nine years after leaving our preparatory classes. As from 1975, our children have been gaining admission annually into Independent High Schools, Federal Government Colleges, State and Force Secondary Schools. Our follow-up of their performances reveal brilliant records of successful learning and achievements.

In 1978, after full-scale inspection that lasted three weeks by the Lagos State Ministry of Education, the school was recognized to present candidates for the primary six school leaving certificate examination. We sat for this in 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1981 with 100% success. The Lagos State Government policy on education during the second republic prevented our participation in 1982 and 1983. Our pupils however passed to Federal Government Colleges and other Colleges outside the ambit of the Lagos State Government. We resumed in 1984 and we have since maintained our impressive success not only in the Primary Six Examinations but also in the National Common Entrance Examinations. We have a history of excellent academic record.

The school now runs an Approved Secondary School to complete our pre-university education programme. The secondary school  started in 1987.
One major asset of the school is the highly qualified staff from the Proprietor to the Staff that have served the school right from 1974 till date. We salute all who have contributed to our success and we pray that their future years will be more glorious.

May you all parents, guardians, friends and well wishers be richly blessed by God and May the Almighty reward your love and interest in us.