Welcome Address By The Executive Proprietor (E.P.)

Education is undoubtedly the hub of human development. Consequently, every society, both primitive and modern, accepts it as a major task to soundly educate its citizenry.

Nations that do this sincerely and invest heavily in sound qualitative education are rewarded with rich human capital and tremendous economic progress. Those who do not, continue to lag behind by an increasing gap. Ifako International Schools came into existence to make a landmark in the total upbringing of a child. We are therefore not only set to run a conventional school, but also to make a distinction in all we do.

True greatness of a man and of course, a woman depends veritably on the right start early in life and early exposure to learning and scholarship. Education is defined as the preparation of an individual to live and fit into the society.

We all know that the society is a rapidly changing place. My question then is how do we prepare children to live in a world they have not experienced?

Nature has shown, and according to Charles Darwin (1859), that “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change“.  This is probably why dinosaurs are extinct while ants are still very much around.

At Ifako International Schools, we specialize in giving our pupils/students the right skills to prepare them for the future. We through projects, Guided Revision Strategy and Thinking Skills, teach them how to learn by developing them along their dominant intelligence.

Learning how to learn is the most powerful, engaging, rewarding and enjoyable aspect of our personal and collective experiences.

Mr. Babawande A. Majekodunmi

Executive Proprietor