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Welcome to Ifako International Schools

From the Executive Proprietor

The school was founded on September 9, 1974 as an institution for Nursery/Primary Education, a preparatory for secondary school education, through which effective moral upbringing required to make one fits into this modern age of sophisticated living is inculcated. Approval to open the school was given by the Lagos State Ministry of Education in September 1974. Read More

Education is undoubtedly the hub of human development. Consequently, every society, both primitive and modern, accepts it as a major task to soundly educate its citizenry.

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Latest News

  • End of first term 2015/2016 session Read more
  • We give glory to the Most High God for keeping us throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays. Our gratitude goes to you for your continuous support.  Read More


Ifako International Schools have come a long way. Since we took off in 1974, our school has achieved several feats, our pupils/students have won several academic contests orgnized by various organizations, some of which are:

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The mottos of our schools, “The Child is the Father of the Man” and “Knowledge knows no bounds” for primary and secondary school units respectively, encapsulate the vision of the founding father of the school.

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Head Teacher’s Desk

I present to you, Ifako International Nursery and Primary School, a school where pupils look forward to attend every morning and reluctant to depart when the school closes. You wonder why? The pupils find so much joy, happiness and love from all our professional and dedicated members of staff. Our teachers put in all the experiences, dexterity and technical knowledge on how to take the pupils to the next level in all ramifications.

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The Principal

Hello friends! You are welcome on board to the Ifako family. It’s my pleasure to welcome you into this amiable family. I do hope you are going to enjoy every minute of your stay here.

Here at Ifako International Secondary School, you have a staff of friendly and understanding teachers who are ready to help you in every aspect of life. You have not made a wrong choice by coming to Ifako, In fact, it is the best choice ever made.

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Our Recent Award

Our State of the Art Facilities

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Table Tennis Court

School Song

We build our School, on Thee Oh Lord.

To Thee we bring our common need.

Thy loving heart, Thy helpful word, thy tender

Thought, Thy kindly deed

To Thee we pray, Thy spirit may enrich and bless

Our School always.

School Pledge

Ifako International, we pledge together for our unity/2ce

United we stand, divided we fall, unity is all we want,

We pledge together for unity.

Mission Statement

In partnership with the parents to educate and inspire the pupils/students to reach this unique level, and contribute positively to society by providing a world class education that is enriched by our diversity and inclusive of all skills required to adapt in our ever changing world, we will deploy the following strategies: Read more