Mid First term Newsletter


Dear Parents/Guardian,

  1. Welcome:

To our old and new parents/students, welcome!


  1. Discipline/Respect:

All students (Day & Boarding) must adhere to the rules and regulations that govern the school.  Disobedience/unruly behaviour is highly prohibited and offenders will be seriously dealt with. Any form of bullying in the school is forbidden.  Your child/ward will be sent home if he/she fails to abide by the rules and regulations that govern the school.  Indiscipline of any form will not be tolerated.  All students are expected to be respectful and courteous at all time.


  1. Birthday Celebration: Last Friday of the month by 11:00am:

Students are not allowed to eat any item from their gifts or party packs.  Packs must go home for parents to determine and decide on what they want their children/wards to eat.  Please be reminded that Ice-cream and cooked food are not allowed as part of the items to be shared during birthday celebration in the school.


  1. Withdrawal:

A full-term’s notice is required before the withdrawal of a student or a term’s fee will be charged in lieu of notice .


  1. Recommended Textbook & Study Materials:

Ensure your children have the relevant textbooks in all subjects, and other materials like biros, pencils, calculators, four figure tables. These are very valuable teaching and learning materials.


  1. Payment Structure/Modalities:

We solicit that payment should be made before resumption through any of these channels:

  • Point-of-sale [POS] machine available at the school for all card payment
  • Bank draft in favour of Ifako International Schools.
  • Electronic/bank transfer to Ifako International School’s accounts listed below.

Evidence of this must be brought to the school for receipt.


First Bank of Nigeria Ltd 2006036982
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc 0010006299
Zenith Bank Plc 1010058793
Sterling Bank Plc 0000942350


  1. JSS 3 & SS 3 School Fee Payment Plan:

JSS &SS 3 students have a special payment plan, 60% of total annual fee before commencement of 1st term, 40% by the beginning of 2nd term January 8th, 2018.

This plan is to ensure that relevant dues to examining bodies (Lagos State, National Examination Council & West African Examination Council/additional practical materials are paid on time).  Secondly, students need to prepare for their examinations in a relaxed mood.  Parents are enjoined to co-operate with the school.


  1. Open Door:

We run an open door policy here in the school, parents/guardians are advised to pop-in anytime between 10am – 12noon strictly, If there is an issue, so that we can rub minds or call 08085782218/01-7934013.  Our email is ifakoint@aol.com.  Do not wait until PTA meeting to do so as PTA has its own objectives.


  1. Promotion Criteria/Requirement:

It is compulsory in Junior & Senior Schools for a student to have a credit pass in both English & Mathematics and other key subjects before such could be promoted to the next class.


  1. Insubordination/Harassment:

The Management of the school would not condone any form of insubordination to or harassment of any member of staff.  No parent should take laws into his/her hands.  Aggrieved parents should see the Principal and if not satisfied, should see the Executive Proprietor.


  1. Dress Code:

Kindly note that students are not allowed to wear strange outfit sewn outside the school, only uniforms purchased in the school is allowed.  Male students who have cut their trousers to a ridiculous length and tight-fitted will be dealt with.  The female students are also advised to desist from reducing the length of their Pinafore or Skirt.


  1. Security:

We live in a world where we can never be too careful therefore we implore our parents to work with us to ensure the safety of our children at every point in time.  There is need to educate our children on the need to be security conscious.


  1.  Electronic Gadgets:

Parents are advised to read the students’ code of conduct manual to familiarize themselves with the expectations of the school.  The use of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, media players etc is highly prohibited.  If such is found with any student, the following steps are necessary for recovery.

  1. 1st time – The students will be suspended for two (2) days and Parents will claim it with #2,000.00 at the end of the term.
  2. 2nd time – The penalty is 3,500.00 and five (5) days suspension. Parents would claim it at the end of the term.
  3. 3rd time – two (2) weeks suspension and parents would claim it with #5,000.00 at the end of the term.


  1. Work experience:

This programme is being organized by the school in order to familiarize the students with their choice of career in life.  It is compulsory and requisite for their promotion.  This comes up in April, 2018 for two weeks.


  1. Lateness to School/School Bus Shuttle:

To curb the spate of late coming, especially those who subscribe to the school transportation system, it has been concluded that the drivers would not wait beyond two minutes after hooting at your gate.  The school resumes at 7:45am and the gate would be closed by 8:20am.  Henceforth, lateness will not be tolerated.


  1. Foreign Examinations.:

The registration for the following international examinations for SS 2 students is on going.                 SAT – #107,000.00, IELTS – #107,000, TOEFL – #107,000.00.  The fee is inclusive of lesson, books & registration.

NOTE: Scores between 1700 & 2400 in SAT give scholarship to study in the United States of America.


  1. Community Development (CD) Service/Founder’s Day:

The school Community Development Service is slated for November 24th, 2017.  This also coincides with the school Founders’ Day.  Your moral, financial and material supports would be highly appreciated.


  1. Upcoming Events:
S/N                  EVENTS                 DATE
1 Breakfast chat with new parents 23/9/2017  
2. Independence day 1/10/2017 School free day
3. First C. A. 3/10/2017  
4. Career Day 17/10/2017  
5. Mid-Term Test 23-25/10/2017  
6. Mid-Term Break 26 & 27/10/2017 School free day
7. Open Day 1/11/2017 (12noon – 3:30pm) Result of Mid-Term tests would be collected.
8. Revision & Practical Exams. 20 – 22/11/2017  
9. CDS/Founders’ Day 24/11/2017  
10. General exam. Starts

Marking & Collation

27/11/2017 – 4/12/17

4/12/17 – 8/12/17

11. Carol Service/Talent Hunt 13/12/2017  
12. P.T.A. meeting/collection of results 16/12/2017  


  • Closing Remarks: