Head Teacher’s Desk

I present to you, Ifako International Nursery and Primary School, a school where pupils look forward to attend every morning and reluctant to depart when the school closes. You wonder why? The pupils find so much joy, happiness and love from all our professional and dedicated members of staff. Our teachers put in all the experiences, dexterity and technical knowledge on how to take the pupils to the next level in all ramifications.

Some of the activities that led to our laudable achievements include:

  • On the job training/ in-service training (Local and international workshops/seminars). 
  • Adequate provision of all relevant instructional materials.
  • Thorough supervision of all class project by teachers and co-ordinators.
  • Effective and practical teaching of all class subjects which enhance deep learning.
  • Implementation of child-centered education approach. It enables active participation of pupils in class activities.
  • Daily and weekly co-ordination programme. 
  • Constant and adequate supervision/monitoring of all members of staff.
  • Implementation of a special programme for all academically challenged pupils at the “Success Centre”.
  • Extra Common Entrance Coaching for all our pupils in the terminal classes for excellent performance.
  • Ultra-modern I.C.T suite
  • LEGO Robotics facility to develop the intellectual and the reasoning skills of the pupils.
  • Weekly Mathematics Clinic programmes for all pupils.
  • Annual Mathematics, Spelling Essay and Science Competitions. 

In conclusion, I reaffirm that this citadel of learning gives the best and will continue to offer just that. We would do our best to press on and we will not relent on the standard we have set.

Come and be part of this dynamic institution.

We have the experience.