Ifako International School runs Nigerian and British curriculum. We are a world class citadel of learning with a reputation for excellence, committed to training the total child by providing an all-round education. Our students come from families within and outside Lagos.

Application forms for admission into the secondary school can be obtained in the school by qualified candidates in their final year in the primary school. Such candidate should be at least 10 years old on resumption. The entrance examination which consists of English Language, Mathematics, General Paper, Chemistry, and Literature in English and Economics for Junior and senior respectively comes up every 2nd Saturday of March, June and August of every year. The oral interview for candidates who were successful in examination follows thereafter. Ifako International School also conducts foreign examinations (SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge “O” Level ) and scores between 1700 and 2400 in SAT gives scholarship in United State of America.

Our Policy is to encourage the development of self–discipline, high standard of personal behaviours, courtesy, simple but decent dressing and respect for other people and for property breaches attracts sanctions. Major demeanors are referred to the disciplinary committee. 

The code of conduct is published and each student has a copy.

Ifako International School wants students to focus on their studies without unnecessary distraction hence we do not encourage calling students out from classes nor taking those in the boarding house away for social occasions like marriage, birthdays, funeral ceremonies etc. However, boarders are allowed to mark their own birthdays moderately in the school every last Saturday of the month. Except on medical grounds and approved holidays, boarders are not be allowed to go home during the term.