The Secondary School is divided into Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School.


In the Junior Secondary School, students are taught to be computer literate and the curriculum is structured as follows; Core Subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Music, Fine Art, Social Studies, CRS/IRS, PHE, French, Yoruba, Computer Science and Business Studies. Electives: Agricultural Science and Home Economics.


This is a three year programme, and here students are expected to choose in Senior Secondary (SS) 1 & 2 a minimum of ten and maximum of twelve subjects and at SS3 choose a minimum of eight and maximum of nine subjects from a group of core and elective subjects, which are as follows; Core Subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Yoruba, Computer and French. Science Electives: Physics, Chemistry, Agric/F&N/TD, Geography and Further Maths. Commercial Electives: Account, Commerce, CRS/IRS, Government and Geography/Literature. Art Electives: Literature, CRS/IRS, Government, F & N and Art.


We’re products of International Secondary School

Ifako, Great are your sons and daughters,

Great is your name. Knowledge knows no bounds,

wherever we go, wherever we be,

We shall in duty and honesty hail

and honour your Great name.


Ifako International, we pledge together

for our unity/2ce

United we stand, divided we fall, unity is all we want,

We pledge together for unity.