The Principal

Hello friends! You are welcome on board to the Ifako family. It’s my pleasure to welcome you into this amiable family. I do hope you are going to enjoy every minute of your stay here.

Here at Ifako international secondary school, you have a staff of friendly and understanding teachers who are ready to help you in every aspect of life. You have not made a wrong choice by coming to Ifako, In fact, it is the best choice ever made.

There are a lot of goodies for you. You want to talk about our students’ moral standard, we teach them the fear of God; the staff open-hands and ever listening ears; our sports’ unit to unleash the potential in you; the music department that nurtures your soul since music they say is the food of the soul. You have the opportunity to learn at least one musical instrument in a term.

Our boarding facilities are superb. We have experienced house parents who take care of boarder. Also in the boarding house, there is an e-learning programme called the Tele-class programme. This holds every Saturday when the students are put through whatever they might have learnt in the classroom during the weeks played to them through an electronic device.

You will agree with me that we raise a total child. Despite the fact that there is so much moral decadence in the society, our students are of high moral standard We give qualitative education by our seasoned and highly qualified teachers, our extra- curricular activities are mind bulging.

 The taste of the pudding is the eating, a trial will definitely convince you. I look forward to having you on board this great family.


“The instructions received at the mother’s knees and the lesson, together with the pious and sweet souvenirs of the fireside, are never effaced from the soul”

-Abbe Felicities’ Robert

MRS. Osasona Yetunde G.